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    Continuing not in the absence of fear but to triumph over it.

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    Doing the right thing when no-one is watching you do it.

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    Thinking of yourself less... not thinking less of yourself

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    Working hard to achieve... no matter how far you have to go

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    Changing the world... with one act of random kindness every day

  • Music

    Welcome to The Music Department

    Curriculum Intentions and Aims

    Music teaches students the knowledge, and the skills enabling them to express themselves through music as performers or, composers. By studying a variety of genres, instruments together with music technology students leave with the confidence to take their musicianship skills into adult life.

    The Music Department aims to offer every student the opportunity to explore their musical creativity through a range of practical activities, including performing, composing, listening and appraising. Studying a wide range of musical styles, we introduce students to new genres as well as enabling them to understand music they already enjoy in more depth developing their aural, theory, and practical skills.

    Students learn to use a variety of musical instruments during lessons including keyboard, singing, ukulele, and percussion. In addition, students are encouraged to play their own instruments as part of their classroom music learning. We encourage creativity in music and identify musical ability regardless of previous experience. All year 7 have access to a 10 week program of lessons on an instrument of their choice. Disadvantaged students experience a different program which are instrument lessons for the duration of their access to pupil premium funding.

    Students who have competence in an instrument are celebrated in ensemble lessons creating a band(s) developing ensemble skills adding extra challenge for instrumentalists appropriate to the skills in the class. Year 7 students will learn to perform a blues piece, year 8 reggae.

    At Finham Park School, we encounter students who have virtually no musical experience as well as those who have achieved performance grades with exam boards. Our lessons and activities are designed to challenge students who have taken graded exams whilst also being accessible for beginners.

    Key Stage 3 students experience two music lessons a fortnight. Students explore percussion, keyboards, singing, ukuleles within their music lessons. Using students use software to compose their own pieces developing skills ready for GCSE Music. All year 7 students have the unique opportunity to study an instrument for ten weeks. PP students have the opportunity to learn an instrument for the entire year. Students who choose to take GCSE Music study Eduqas GCSE where they learn about solo / ensemble performance, composition and appraising music. We are very excited to offer A level music from September 2022, students will study the Edquas syllabus.

    Finham 'Live Lounge'

    Hear students performing musical pieces in our new 'Finham live lounge'.

    Music Extra-Curricular Enrichment

    We offer a range of musical extra-curricular activities to enhance our students musical experiences. New opportunities are also offered throughout the year. The following ensembles are all run throughout the year by the school.
    • Composers Club
    • Choir of Finham (no audition required)
    • Rock School
    • Finharmonic Wind ensemble
    • Finharmonic String ensemble

    Instrumental lessons

    141 students currently study private instrumental lessons at Finham Park School (an increase from 85 students in 2022).

    We welcome students who have already been learning instruments at primary school as well as those who would like to start to learn a new instrument. If you would like to learn an instrument.

    Instrumental tuition is available on the following instruments
    Flute Violin Trumpet/Cornet Drum kit
    Clarinet Viola Trombone Singing
    Saxophone Cello Classical Guitar Electric Guitar
    Oboe Piano/Keyboard Bass Guitar Acoustic Guitar

    Department Staff

    • Ms J Sharkey (Head of Department) (BA, NPQH)
    • Ms R Atherton (BEd)
    • Mr M Murphy (BMus)