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    Continuing not in the absence of fear but to triumph over it.

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    Doing the right thing when no-one is watching you do it.

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    Thinking of yourself less... not thinking less of yourself

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    Working hard to achieve... no matter how far you have to go

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    Changing the world... with one act of random kindness every day

  • Frog

    Frog Learning Platform

    The Frog Learning Platform is an online system which supports students with their learning as well as other aspects of their school life. Having the Frog Learning Platform provides students with anytime, anywhere access and allows them to;

    • access homework and revision materials, submit them to their teacher and receive feedback
    • view all subject area sites (Eg, Maths, English) that have been created with  information and resources to support learning.
    • access from home; their own personal network drive and all of their work that they have stored electronically in school.

    What does the FROG parent dashboard include?

    The parent dashboard within FROG is highly recommended by the school.

    All Parents have access to this within FROG and this will provide full access to the areas students can visit as well as other features and information specifically available only to parents. The login page can be accessed using the web address '' or by clicking the log me into Frog Button on the right.


    With in the parent portal you have access to:

    • Assigned homework, which now allows you to view and open what has been set
    • Your child’s timetable
    • Subject department sites that your child has access too
    • The school calendar
    • Reporting absence, and being able to update your school record
    • Important school documents
    • School letters
    • E-Safety portal

    Personalised information is also available within ‘My Child’ tab

    • Attendance summaries, both by day and lesson
    • Behaviour reports
    • School Reports


    Logging into FROG

    You can login to our FROG site:

    Your Username is your full name with no spaces (for example "JohnDoe")

    If you experience any issues resetting your password please fill out our frog login support form and we will check our records and contact you once the issue has been resolved.

    You can access the FROG login support form at:

    Frog App

    You can install the My Frog App on Apple iPhone and Android Phones using the links above.

    Once you have install the app you will be asked to enter a URL you need to enter then click next; You will now see the login screen enter your username which is your full name with no spaces (example "JohnDoe") and your password. You can now view the parent portal.

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    Frog App Wifi Only Connection

    By default the My Frog app is set to load via WIFI only, this is to ensure that you get the very best experience using the portal. As with 3G/4G connection speeds vary dependent upon signal quality, if you try and use the app using 3G/4G only it may only show a blank grey screen (see second picture). There is a option to disable this, once disabled you will need to log out and log back in to allow the app to 'refresh' your changes. This will then load as normal via mobile data connection...

    3G/4G connection - default view if you are connected with out disabling WiFi Only Settings

    WiFi Connection Only Disabled