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  • we value...


    Continuing not in the absence of fear but to triumph over it.

  • We Value...


    Doing the right thing when no-one is watching you do it.

  • We value...


    Thinking of yourself less... not thinking less of yourself

  • We value...


    Working hard to achieve... no matter how far you have to go

  • We value...


    Changing the world... with one act of random kindness every day

  • Parents Information

    Finham Park School is the lead school of Finham Park Multi Academy Trust. Our ambition is for all schools in our Trust to provide a “World Class” education for their young people – providing them with the time of their lives and ensuring that they all make strong contributions to the communities and societies they live in – locally, nationally and globally. On their way to becoming “World Class”, each school will be described as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.

    Our education will aim to exceed the highest national and international benchmarks for academic achievement, whilst ensuring young people develop a passion for learning in all its contexts.

    Students who attend the school are encouraged to develop in both academic and non-academic arenas so that as they develop lifelong friendships they leave with the skills they need to live well and enjoy a full life beyond the years of schooling. Our students enjoy their learning as they are encouraged to think about and experience a sense of wonder about the world in which they live. Their teachers fill them with excitement as they apply their learning to everyday life. Teachers at the school are completely committed to bringing out the best in each young person they teach.


    where are we located?

    We are an 11-18 co-educational school with 9 forms of entry (270 students in each year). Our sixth form is 400 pupils strong and the largest in Coventry. The school is based at Green Lane in the Finham suburb and comprises some state of the art high-quality buildings and some recently refurbished buildings.  You genuinely need to see the school in action to appreciate the high quality working environment.  The school is over-subscribed and has an excellent reputation locally.  In 2023, we had 650+ applications for 270 places in Year 7, mirroring an ongoing trend for a number of years.

    Coventry, a historically significant city with ancient Saxon and Roman origins and a vibrant heritage in industries like weaving, watchmaking and the automotive engineering, emerged from the ashes of World War II as a symbol of hope and resilience. The city's international partnerships, including twinning with 27 other towns, fostered its transformation into a centre for peace and reconciliation, while offering diverse activities, cultural attractions and excellent transportation links in a scenic Warwickshire setting.   Finham Park is located in an area close to the border between Coventry and Warwick.


    We believe that all pupils and adults who are part of our school community should have the 'time of their lives'. 

    Staff retention is very high and that is due to the working environment, excellent facilities, supportive culture and many professional development opportunities offered.  The school is well established and well regarded locally, nationally and internationally. Many staff have worked in the school for most of their careers with the family ethos being evident, reflecting the culture of the school community. We value kindness, humility, integrity, courageousness and perseverance which are at the heart of all of our relationships, valuing the individual and the role we all play in school improvement and community development.

    There are over 1750 young people on roll with the likelihood of growing close to 1850 in the coming years as we continue to grow. The intake profile in both socio-economic and academic terms is that of a fairly typical comprehensive school.  We are very proud of our caring school community and place great emphasis on high standards of behaviour and respect for all through our key values of Kindness, Humility, Integrity, Courageousness and Perseverance.

    Take a look at the school – you won’t regret it.