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  • Sociology

    Course entry requirements

    Specification: AQA

    Subject entry requirements: English Language Grade 5 or higher (students with a Grade 4 at English Language will be considered if they have achieved a Grade 5 in similar subjects, eg History or Geography.)

    Sociology has quickly become one of the largest subjects at Finham Park, with more A Level entries than ever before. The study of society focuses on the following five areas:

    1. Families and Households – You will study how families are organised and what functions they perform in society. We look at roles within the home, modern childhood and trends regarding family life.
    2. Education – We explore why society needs educated citizens. We look at different types of schools and the policies which lie behind them, and look at the different experiences of education based on gender, ethnicity or social class.
    3. Society and the Media – this topic looks at the influence the media has on society – positive and negative. It explores the nature of the news, Media ownership and control, and how the Media chooses to represent various social groups.
    4. Crime and deviance – Crime is a fact of life in all societies. How do we deal with it? Who commits it? Are there really class or ethnic differences in crime data? Is the Media’s portrayal of crime accurate?
    5. Research Methods – In addition, students learn about how social scientists investigate issues in practice. Students will be involved in their own research as part of the course, on a number of occasions.

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