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  • French

    COurse entry requirements

    Specification: AQA
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 or higher in French

    Do you want a qualification that stands out? Do you want to develop an understanding of the rapidly growing and developing French-speaking world? Do you want the opportunity to refine your language skills to be able to communicate effectively in France and beyond?

    Our A Level course is wide-ranging, including many cross-curricular aspects such as culture, politics, social issues and language. This makes it the perfect facilitating subject for university entrance.

    We cover a wide variety of engaging contemporary topics ranging from the role of the family to multicultural issues and political engagement amongst young people. Our experienced teachers draw on varied resources to ensure that you are up-to-date with current issues in the French-speaking world whilst developing your language skills.

    During the course, you will have the opportunity to complete an in depth study of a French novel and film, developing a deeper understanding of the context in which each is set. You will further develop your skills by undertaking an Individual Research Project on a topic of your choice during Year 13, which will form the basis of your speaking examination at the end of the course.

    You will benefit from a unique opportunity to immerse yourself fully in French by participating in a work experience exchange programme with students from Coventry’s partner city of Saint Étienne in France.

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