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    Excellent opportunities for academic and social interests in a supportive environment with high teaching standards, where diversity is celebrated.

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  • Film Studies

    COurse entry requirements

    Specification: EDUQAS
    Subject entry requirements:

    • Media Studies (Grade 4 in English)
    • Film Studies (Grade 5 in English)

    Finham Park’s Film Department has acquired a national reputation for excellence in the last five years. Film Studies is one of the most interesting courses on offer here, covering the textual analysis skills of English, the technical skills of Media and Photography, the contextualisation skills of History, and the understanding of audience responses of Psychology. Our results were the best in the region for the last three years, and we pride ourselves on the number of national film awards we’ve been nominated for.

    The subject itself explores classic films in a new light, and new films in sharp focus. Think you know Shaun of The Dead? Big fan of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction? Reckon you understand Inception? We’ll show you analysis skills that will take your understanding and love of film to a whole new level!

    By the time you’ve finished, you’ll understand why film is the most influential and relevant art form of the 21st Century. You will explore the significance of film in national, global and historical contexts, and learn to create films for yourself. At the end of it all, our very own annual film festival is your chance to show off to VIP guests from the film industry.

    Where will this course lead to?

    A burgeoning industry and a world of opportunities await those who have the passion, so dream big. We make those dreams into reality.

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