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    sixth form

    Excellent opportunities for academic and social interests in a supportive environment with high teaching standards, where diversity is celebrated.

  • We value...


    Where diversity is celebrated, not tolerated

  • Enrichment Lessons


    One-term enrichment choices, three per year

    1. Sports

    Students can pick from a number of seasonal team sports to play; the selection varies each term but could include Football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Softball, Cricket, Dodgeball, Handball. These sessions are fun wellbeing sessions, giving the students a chance to run around and do some exercise to support their mental and physical health.

    1. An introduction to Philosophy

    We are incredibly fortunate to have been offered a funded Philosophy course run by the Institute of Philosophy (University of London). A lecturer will join the sessions remotely, and facilitate interesting discussions whilst teaching the basic concepts. Please see this website for more information:

    1. DIY skills

    Students will learn how to use DIY equipment such as drills and saws, will learn how to do some basic painting and decorating, and how to do simple home improvements. Essential life-skills in a safe school environment.

    1. Applying to Oxbridge

    If you are interested in applying to Oxford or Cambridge we will be running a discussion course, preparing you for some of the challenges you could face at interview. This is a pilot scheme being run in collaboration with Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

    1. Book Club

    Run by Mr Bates, the school’s amazing librarian, students will choose a book, read a few chapters each week, then spend time discussing the text. Another brilliant wellbeing option. For more information contact

    1. Board Games and Chess

    The school provides a box of board games or students can bring their own. This will be time for students to play games in groups or pairs. Another good wellbeing option.

    1. First Aid

    Our Post 16 wellbeing officer is also a St John’s Ambulance first responder who has extensive experience of working in the field. She is also qualified to deliver first aid training. She will be showing students key emergency first aid skills, equipping them with the skills to help in an emergency.

    1. Art and Craft

    Students can either bring their own craft projects or use school art supplies to spend this time being creative. We will not be providing art or craft tuition, it will be an opportunity for students to sit and craft as they chat. Another wellbeing option.

    Young Enterprise

    A national competition to set up your own business. In a team of between 10 and 20 students you will design and make a product, then sell and market it yourselves. You will have full responsibility for the company, and can sell any product you are able to make. Each student will take on a different role within the company. Any profit you make can be split between you. This is a really good programme enjoyed by students every year. Two years ago we won the Company of the Year award for Warwickshire and Coventry. Look at the website for more information

    NB. You are likely to need to dedicate some time to your company outside the dedicated enrichment period. 

    Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

    For the first time this year Finham Park School are proud to be able to offer The Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award as an enrichment activity to Sixth Formers. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a Nationally recognised qualification for young people.

    At Gold level this involves five sections: Volunteering, Skill, Physical, Residential and Expedition. You must participate in a physical activity, volunteer in the community, and develop a skill for an hour a week. For the residential section you must spend five days and four nights working with other young people towards a common goal.

    The final and most well-known section is the expedition. To complete this you must undertake an adventurous journey through the British countryside. Throughout the four days of your qualifying expedition you will spend time hiking, camping and exploring with your team. Before the qualifying expedition you must complete a practice expedition and training on first aid, map reading and camp craft.

    During the Wednesday Period 5 Enrichment sessions and some weekend sessions we will provide all necessary training for you to safely complete the expedition whilst being self-sufficient. 

    To participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award through the school there will be a cost of £350, part of which may be refundable.

    You should only apply to do this as your enrichment activity if you are genuinely interested and if you are able to see it through. Completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award takes a lot of hard work, dedication and resilience. Benefits to the award include making lifelong friendships, developing teamwork skills, an excellent award to put on UCAS applications or CVs and an invitation to Buckingham Palace to receive your Certificate.

    If you would like more information please take a look at the website below or email Mr Sheikh at 

    Level 2 Community Sports Leadership Course

    This course aims to develop a participant's ability to plan and lead a range of different sporting activities. Furthermore, participants will develop their ability to evaluate their leadership and delivery of sporting activities, to enable them to develop and improve their leadership. To be successful in this course, participants will need to complete leadership sessions in their enrichment lessons and commit to supporting an enrichment activity delivered by the PE department. In order to pass and obtain the qualification, participants must complete both a number of hours of learning time and display a number of hours delivering a sporting activity. This course is suitable for anyone who is looking to develop their leadership or who is looking to pursue a career in sport.