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    sixth form

    Excellent opportunities for academic and social interests in a supportive environment with high teaching standards, where diversity is celebrated.

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    Where diversity is celebrated, not tolerated

  • Cultural Heritage

    Reggae month

    To celebrate Reggae month in February, the Culture Team secure a spot on our school radio station. They discuss and play influential reggae songs during break and lunch for all students and staff to hear.

    Reggae is a musical genre springing from the upheaval in post-war Jamaica which incorporates a fusion of different musical eras and styles. The music is coupled with a message of unity and hope.

    It is important for us to celebrate the genre's rich cultural heritage and global impact. Giving it deserved attention, the culture team raise awareness of the genre's vibrant legacy and ongoing evolution.

    Inspirational person of the month

    The culture student leadership team run an Inspirational Person of the month through assemblies to all students.

    An inspirational person is someone who has personally or culturally changed someone's viewpoint for the better.

    Students are able to nominate at any time. The inspirational person is then selected each month and celebrated through posters around the school, informing students succinctly about the person.

    Nominations from all year groups have varied from Maya Angelou to Alan Turing.