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    Continuing not in the absence of fear but to triumph over it.

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    Doing the right thing when no-one is watching you do it.

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    Thinking of yourself less... not thinking less of yourself

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    Working hard to achieve... no matter how far you have to go

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    Changing the world... with one act of random kindness every day

  • Pastoral Colleges and Mentors

    College Leadership team

    Nubian College Masai College Katanga College Asiatic College Barbary College

    College Leader 
    (Ms K Hunter)

    College Leader 
    (Mr S Marfleet)

    College Leader 
    (Mr J Lawrie)

    College Leader 
    ( Mr J Crawford)

    College Leader 
     (Mr L Baker)

    The pastoral support for the school is underpinned by a team of Student Wellbeing Officers attached to each year group. Their role is to enable ALL students have the 'time of their life' whilst at school. They do this be encouraging students to engage in extra-curricular activities that support positive mental health and enables them to stretch themselves into new areas. They are non-teaching members of staff so are always available for students during the day.

    A key part of their role is to make sure that 'no student gets left behind', not matter what background or ability. They actively encourage students to engage in the wider opportunities that the school has to offer them such as taking part in sports teams, playing a musical instrument or taking part in a drama production.

    Upon entry to Finham Park School every student is allocated to one of five Colleges. Each College comprises of students from all year groups across the school and the student will remain in the same College and mentor group for the duration of their school journey.

    The College System is used as the basis for competitions, challenges, sporting events, assemblies, and are supported by a College Team of Mentors, a Wellbeing Officer and a College Leader. These communities break down barriers between students of different ages and creates a sense of togetherness, identity and belonging. It encourages older students to get to know, support and mentor younger ones. At the same time, younger students have role models to develop in maturity.

    Student Wellbeing Officers

    Nubian College Masai College Katanga College Asiatic College Barbary College

    Ms V Spencer

    Student Leadership
    student champion

    Ms A Newman

    Restorative Justice
    student champion

    Ms M Watkins

    Y6-7 Transition
    student champion

    Ms L Jones

    student champion

    Mr J Downey

    Year 11
    student champion

    How do we look after pupils' wellbeing?

    Wellbeing is critical to cognitive development and social and emotional development. At Finham Park School, wellbeing is explicit within all areas of the curriculum and wellbeing practices are visible within the learning environment, enabling pupils to feel confident, express emotions, build good relationships, live productively, cope with stresses and adapt in times of change.

    Pupil wellbeing underpins practices across school, most importantly those relating to the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as Student Voice and Healthy Schools Agenda.

    Wellbeing is promoted through the Curriculum, Student Leadership through the ongoing development of the ‘Student Wellbeing Charter’ and through the Wellbeing officers. Wellbeing Officers located around school celebrate success and provide a source of support and advice to students. Specific assemblies address various aspects of pupil wellbeing.

    Meeting the pastoral needs of our pupils is crucial if they are going to access education. When pupils join Finham Park School all pupils are assigned a College Leader who oversees the academic and social aspects of school life and a Mentor who supports the pupils’ first thing in the morning, but is the first point of contact for students or parents should they have any worries or concerns.

    Our aim is to provide an inclusive, personalised environment with support surrounding it that encompasses the needs of all of our students ensuring their time here gives them the skills and confidence for the next steps of their journey, be that not only in going on to secure their first choice destination, but also in playing a positive role within their community.

    Wellbeing officers provide a point of contact for pupils and their families and will liaise closely with College Leaders and other professionals, where necessary. There is a strong team approach with both the College Leader and Wellbeing Officer working collectively to balance academic and pastoral needs.

    Our Wellbeing staff are co-ordinated by our team of College Leaders and whilst they support across year group they also work within the College system, to provide an array of services to the students at Finham Park School.

    Read our Student Wellbeing Charter, written by students for students and implemented by staff.

    Weekly Mentor Discussion Topics

    Find out what you will be discussing each week in your mentor period each morning.

    Start the day looking at our values of kindness, integrity, humility, courageousness and perseverance and how they impact your life and the development of society so that you can have a positive influence on others and better understand the world in which we live.

    Restorative Justice at Finham - a student perspective

    Coventry Restorative Justice Forum held a Conference in Coventry Council House on the subject of RJ. Those who were delivering RJ to citizens of the city were able to describe their work, followed by a Question and Answer session with a panel of experts. One key question they were asked was “How can we make RJ more widely known and available in schools, communities and universities within the city?”

    The head girl and boy of Finham Park School, Coventry, introduced a video that they have produced to explain what students and staff have gained from the recent introduction of RJ into the school. This was followed by a presentation of a certificate and small award to Vinesh Vignarasa for his excellent work in not only creating the video but also the new logo for Coventry RJ Forum.

    The expert panel included Lynette Kelly, Councillor in Coventry and Assistant West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

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    Echo Eternal - The Holocaust Lifelines

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    January 2018 we were proud to join the Echo Eternal national project and were gifted Ruth David’s Holocaust Survivor testimony.

    As a school community we have engaged in designing, developing and making creative responses with our young learners to address difficult work related to genocide and the holocaust.

    Over the past two years we have performed, contributed to and participated in a broad program of creative events inspired by Ruth Davis’s Testimony through the Echo Eternal project and partner schools In Coventry Warwickshire and the wet Midlands. This is fast becoming a national project on a wider scale and we are honoured to be part of this work.

    Our pledge - In Ruth David’s name we pledge to share her testimony and bring to life her messages to the school, wider community and with partner schools. We will do this by exploring and engaging in creative ways to share Ruth David’s story across the curriculum and the wider community of Finham Park School forming a working group and committing to engaging with creative practitioners and external partners.

    The Echo Eternal project is a civic arts and media based project, Ruth David’s testimony has inspired the work we continue to engage in at Finham Park School. Our leaners have created diverse artistic responses to very difficult subject matter through performance, painting, drawing, poetry, spoken word and written outcome. We have recorded work though film, on-line forums, making visual art work, discussion spoken word and through physical theatre