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    sixth form

    Excellent opportunities for academic and social interests in a supportive environment with high teaching standards, where diversity is celebrated.

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    Where diversity is celebrated, not tolerated

  • Wellbeing officer support

    Meet Ms Armitage – the sixth form wellbeing officer

    Ms Armitage’s full-time job is to look after the wellbeing of sixth form students in their day-to-day lives. She holds one-to-one wellbeing sessions with individuals and spends time in the study spaces having conversations with students about their daily aspirations, goings-on and struggles. The favourite part of her day is hearing about the things which make the students happy, and what they have been up to at the weekend. She will get to know every student who attends the sixth form, and is also available to meet parents and support with conversations with teachers.

    If you would like to request one-to-one wellbeing support with Ms Armitage, please use this self-referral form...