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    sixth form

    Excellent opportunities for academic and social interests in a supportive environment with high teaching standards, where diversity is celebrated.

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    Where diversity is celebrated, not tolerated

  • Religious Diversity

    Religious diversity and cultural Heritage

    The community at Finham Park Sixth Form includes students who celebrate all major religions. The mentor programme includes education (usually prepared by the students) about all major religious festivals and some of the smaller ones. We often host student-led celebration events to recognise key events in the religious calendar. Examples include:


    Finham Park School holds an annual Iftar event, aimed to showcase Islam and promote unity amongst both Muslims and non-Muslims.

    We truly appreciate all the volunteers, guests, and especially non-Muslim attendees for their support and participation.

    The events so far have raised £350 for a charity called Rahma (Mercy) which supports their orphan programme.

    We hope foster understanding amongst different faiths, as well as being an inspiration for students of other backgrounds to come forward and showcase their culture in similar events.

    Organising this event has been one of the highlights of our time in school and an experience we will never forget. Thank you all, for making this possible, and for celebrating with us what is an important part of two billion people's lives.


    We have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Hindu festival ‘Holi’ in school. 

    Holi is a popular and significant Hindu festival celebrated as the Festival of Colours, Love, and Spring.

    During Holi, many Hindus across the world will come together to celebrate by throwing coloured paint and powder. At break and lunchtimes students are invited by the culture team to throw coloured paints at our canvas in our own way of capturing the essence of the festival.

    The event concludes with a beautiful piece of artwork which is hung in the school canteen.


    This is the Sikh celebration of the creation of the Khalsa, which is the Sikh family of Saint Soldiers.

    To celebrate at school, we have an educational assembly about the Sikh celebration.

    Following this, we welcome speakers from the charity Langar Aid, who explain the significance of Langar, which is the principle of free food for all, no matter their background.

    At break time, we provide well received free vegetarian samosas and pakoras to commemorate the Sikh Heritage. 

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    Finham Islamic Society

    FIMS (Finham Islamic Society), has adopted the goal to foster a wholesome community for Muslim students and those interested in Islam. Through our dedication, we strive to spread the magnificence of the virtues of respect and compassion towards all different faiths and backgrounds in our diverse school. Finham Park School graces us with the opportunity to fulfil our dreams to spread goodwill. These three fundamental principles drove us to start FIMS: 

    1. Serving the Ummah (Islamic brotherhood)
    2. Diminishing prejudice against Muslim students
    3. Enhancing the Finham student experience 

    Our main aim is to raise funds to serve those in our community and aid those who are suffering from unimaginable hardships all around the world. Furthermore, we are constantly reiterating that FIMS is a community belonging to all students in the school, whether or not they are Muslim. From fundraisers to assemblies, we have been truly honoured to do so much for our school community and beyond.

    FIMS has a place for everyone, and all are welcome.