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  • Politics

    Course Entry requirements

    Specification: AQA
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 or higher in at least one of the following: History, English, or RE

    Politics is a current, ever-changing and exciting subject where students can immerse themselves in current affairs. In UK Politics, students will focus on the process of governing the UK and the impact Brexit will have.

    The extent to which Britain’s unique constitution regulates the process of government and maintains the balance between individual rights and the power of the state is explored, as is the role of Westminster and national bodies with devolved power. In section two, students will look closely at the Politics of the USA and will consider the key roles of Congress, The Senate and the President, as well as evaluate the federal system used in the USA. The Supreme Court and its powers will be studied in direct comparison to the UK Supreme Court and students will be able to compare and contrast the respective constitutions, political decision-making processes and social climate of the USA and the UK.

    The ideologies paper requires students to appreciate how political ideologies have evolved, including the study of Liberalism, Fascism and Socialism and allows students to take a synoptic overview of Politics in the real world. Students will have the incredible opportunity to explore concepts of democracy on the Geneva Tour, visiting the UN to see the ‘mother ship’ of peace and reconciliation.

    What will this course lead to?

    Many students who have studied A-level Politics go on to study Politics at university. From there you might become a researcher, join governments, become a journalist or even start on the path to being a future Prime Minister!

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