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  • Music

    Course entry requirements

    Specification: EDUQAS
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE Grade 6 or higher in GCSE Music with the ability to play Grade 3 in an instrument. Students with a Grade 4 or higher in music theory, together with the ability to play an instrument/sing at Grade 3 ABRSM / Trinity level (Grade 4 rock school) will also be considered for the course.

    The Eduqas A Level Music course has three components: Performing, Composing (combined 60%) and Appraising (40%). Students choose to major in either performing or composing. The chosen major is worth 35%, the minor is worth 25%. 

    To access the highest marks performances should be of a Grade 6 standard. Students can submit performances at Grade 4 and 5 performance standards. Performances are assessed by a live recital to an  external examiner in term 2 of Year 13.

    • Performing major 35%:
      • Total performance duration: 10–12minutes Composing minor 25%:
      • Total duration of compositions: 4 – 6 minutes Composition major 35%:
    • Composition major 35%:
      • Total duration of compositions: 8 – 10 minute Performance as a minor25%:
      • Total performance duration: 6–8 minutes

    Edquas A Level Music offers a broad and coherent course of study which allows learners the opportunity to further develop their musical skills. The content will be assessed across the three distinct but related disciplines of performing, composing and appraising.

    All learners study:

    • The Development of the Symphony in relation to the Western Classical Tradition. Haydn Symphony 104 and Mendelssohn no4, Italian Symphony.
    • Rock and Pop.
    • Music from the 20th century. Debussy Nuages, and Poulen trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano.

    These areas of student ensure both breadth and depth in their study of music. Learners have the freedom to express their own musical interests through composing and performing in styles of their own choice and also the discipline to perform and compose within at least one of the specified areas of study.

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