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  • we value...


    Continuing not in the absence of fear but to triumph over it.

  • We Value...


    Doing the right thing when no-one is watching you do it.

  • We value...


    Thinking of yourself less... not thinking less of yourself

  • We value...


    Working hard to achieve... no matter how far you have to go

  • We value...


    Changing the world... with one act of random kindness every day

  • Leadership Structure

    Senior Leadership Team

    Headteacher Mr C Bishop (BSc, NPQH, MCCT)
    Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum Support) Ms S Megeney (BSc, MA, NPQH)
    Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral Support and Personal Development) Mr R Morey (BA)
    Assistant Headteachers (Behaviour, Support and Welfare) Mr J Foxon (BSc)
    Assistant Headteacher (16-19 Study Programmes) Ms S Green (MA)
    Assistant Headteacher (Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment) Ms H Cooke (BA)
    Assistant Headteacher (Outcomes, Experience for Pupils) Mr R Downie (BSc)
    Assistant Headteacher (Head of The Lion Alliance) Ms A Ford (BA, MCCT)
    Director of SEND Ms J Kovacs
    Director of Mathematics Mr K Pickerill (BA)
    Director of English Mr A Smith (BA)
    Operations Manager Mr P Belham (BA)
    Headteacher's PA Ms D Case