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    Excellent opportunities for academic and social interests in a supportive environment with high teaching standards, where diversity is celebrated.

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    Where diversity is celebrated, not tolerated

  • Graphic Communication

    Course entry requirements

    Specification: Edexel
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE grade 5 or higher in Graphics or GCSE grade 5 or higher in Fine Art

    Our graphic artists record, create and make images in response to theme and concept. Our learners explore a wide range of historical and contemporary illustrators, designers and artists. Students test and develop work by digitally manipulating words, text, visual motifs and images in Photoshop.

    Our Graphics students combine complex processes of design by mixing and adapting practical visual work with new computer-based software. Our graphic designers learn how to create visual outcomes that seamlessly blend traditional forms of image making with new technologies. All schemes of learning are designed to help students develop their understanding and appreciation of the historical, political and or cultural contexts of artists' lives and work. Deep learning experiences are nurtured in all individuals because we personalise and negotiate all work targets set for our A-Level students. Our learners can confidently critique and explain choices. They can make connections and justify their decisions. O

    ur graphic artists are confident and learn to appreciate and apply the formal elements of art. Our students become organised learners, and they enjoy great group dynamics with their peers and teachers. Students are given time to reflect and pose questions. They are taught different approaches to how to study the specialist areas of graphics within the field of the visual arts. Students leave their courses prepared and ready to study at higher education level.

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