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  • English Language & Literature

    Course entry requirements

    Specification: AQA
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE Grade 7 or higher in one English qualification and Grade 6 or higher in the other

    English Language and Literature explores literary and non-literary texts though the analytical tools of linguistics. We consider how individual identities, societies and the wider world are represented and recreated in novels, drama, poetry and a broad range of non-fiction texts.

    • In the first unit, Telling Stories, you will analyse how the city of Paris can be represented from different perspectives, you will explore how imagined worlds are created in fiction and discover the ways in which poets create persona, individual voice and a narrative of their own in this literary genre.
    • The second module is a chance to develop ideas around conflict in societies through the play Othello and the iconic American novella The Great Gatsby. This unit also affords the opportunity to produce a creative response rather than a more traditional essay as you will recast a section of text to develop your own narrative and narrative voice – and indeed to unpack what you have written with an analytical commentary. In your study of Othello, you will also examine the importance of the construction of character in terms of speech and the overall drama of the play as a whole.

    The NEA is your opportunity to undertake an independent investigation of a theme in a literary and non-literary text. This brings together all of the creative and analytical skills that you have developed over the course in a project that allows you to select a topic and texts that engage your personal interests as a reader and a student of English stylistics.

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