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  • Drama

    Course entry requirements

    Specification: Edexcel
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 or higher in Drama and English. To take the course you will need 5 GCSE grades 5-9, including a grade 5 or higher in GCSE English and GCSE Drama.

    Course content:

    • Component 1 (40%): Devise a play with your group which you perform for a live audience. You will write a portfolio about how you created your performance and how successful it was.
    • Component 2 (20%): Group Performance of one key extract from a play, as well as a monologue or duologue.
    • Component 3 (40%): A written exam where you will respond to a live piece of theatre that you have seen and explain how you will bring two scripts from page to stage.

    We are living in a world of communication. By taking A Level Drama at Finham Park, you will not only become an expert at communication but also learn to read the behaviour of others, develop superb vocal control and boost your confidence. You will have the opportunity to analyse the work of playwrights over the ages and devise your own plays to raise questions about the world we live in. You will develop A-Level equivalent English written skills - through focused, analytical essays. You’ll become an expert at oral communication through presentations and performances. Your collaboration skills and creativity will grow until they become your greatest attribute in future interviews.

    Where will this course lead to?

    The communication skills gained at A Level Theatre Studies opens the door to any profession that involves meeting new people, collaborating on projects, thinking creatively, and making presentations. Drama graduates often move on to have careers in Education, Law, Entertainment (Television), Sales, Personnel Managers, Social Workers, Journalists, Marketing Managers, Team leaders and of course as Actors.

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