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  • Computing

    Course entry requirements

    Specification: OCR
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 or higher in Maths and GCSE grade 6 or higher in Computing

    The course content consists of:

    Unit 1: Computer systems

    Assessed by examination (worth 40%)

    • 1.1 The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices
    • 1.2 Types of software and the different methodologies used to develop software
    • 1.3 Data exchange between different systems
    • 1.4 Data types, data structures and algorithms
    • 1.5 Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues.
    Unit 2: Algorithms and programming

    Assessed by examination (worth 40%)

    • 2.1 What is meant by computational thinking (thinking abstractly, thinking ahead, thinking procedurally etc.)
    • 2.2 Problem solving and programming – how computers and programs can be used to solve problems
    • 2.3 Algorithms and how they can be used to describe and solve problems.
    Unit 3: Programming project 

    Non-exam assessment (worth 20%)

    Students are expected to apply the principles of computational thinking to a practical coding programming project. They will analyse, design, develop, test, evaluate and document a program written in a suitable programming language. The project is designed to be independently chosen by the student and provides them with the flexibility to investigate projects within the diverse field of computer science. We support a wide and diverse range of languages. The project will consist of:

    • Analysis of the problem
    • Design of the solution
    • Developing the solution
    • Evaluation

    Where will this course lead to?

    Computing is the creativity that can be used throughout all aspects of the course. The approach to solving the problems faced in computing is only limited by your imagination as there are almost limitless methods of solving programming problems. One of the other more unique aspects of this subject is the amount of other disciplines that it compliments. There are also elements of Maths, Science, Technology and even English. Anyone with a logical mind and good problem solving abilities would do well in this subject.

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