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  • Chemistry

    Course entry requirements

    Specification: OCR
    Subject entry requirements: GCSE Grade 7:7 or higher or GCSE Grade 7 in Chemistry. Students with a Grade 6 or 7:6 will be considered on a case by case basis. Maths at GCSE Grade 6

    Chemistry is often called ‘the central science’ as its application can be used in its own right, or across a range of related scientific disciplines. Chemistry is a vibrant and exciting subject. It is involved in everything around us – from the making of new materials to understanding biological systems, from the food we eat to the medicines which keep us healthy, and from the quality of the water we drink to keeping the air we breathe pure. You will develop your knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, processes, techniques and procedures.

    You will also apply this knowledge in a theoretical and practical context when handling qualitative and quantitative data. In addition, you will analyse, interpret and evaluate scientific information, ideas and evidence to make judgements and reach conclusions and develop and refine practical design and procedures.

    There are 3 exams totalling 6 hours of exam assessment and 20% of the marks available within written examinations will be for assessment of Mathematics. Chemistry is 100% externally assessed and there is no coursework or controlled assessments. However, you will be required to develop a range of practical skills throughout the course in preparation for the written examinations.

    Where will this course lead to?

    The A-Level Chemistry course will prepare you for progression to undergraduate study, enabling you to enter a range of academic and vocational careers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, materials, food and drink, utility, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, information technology and telecommunications industries.

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